Medical LED Headlights / Surgical Headlamps

Bright Light, Long Life, and Durable for Superior Performance

LED Surgical Headlight Systems That Support You in the OR with Clarity and Comfort

Always be at your absolute best in the OR with BFW’s complete suite of surgical LED headlight solutions.

Get uniform lighting across the entire surgical field – BFW’s surgical LED headlights coaxially align with your line of sight, so that light is always exactly where you need it.

Reduce eye strain and fatigue during lengthy procedures with LED surgical headlights that boast superior optics and a lightweight, ergonomic design.

Our compact LED surgical headlight systems have enduring battery life – allowing you to minimize OR interruptions and stay focused on your procedure.

See What Surgeons Say About BFW’s LED Surgical Headlights

A Complete Suite of LED Surgical Headlight Solutions

We understand that each operation is unique. That’s why we built a complete family of LED medical headlights and light sources – from long-lasting portables to high-powered fiber-optic devices – to support any surgical environment.

Discover Why 20,000+ Surgeons Trust BFW

BFW has become synonymous with innovative surgical headlights and camera systems that enhance your surgical practice.

BFW headlights in use worldwide.


Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

50 Years

Providing industry-leading surgical head lights and headlight/video imaging systems.

30,000-220,000 LUX
BFW provides headlights that meet your illumination needs.

Fully Compliant LED Surgical Headlights

BFW’s surgical LED Headlight solutions are designed to meet your most stringent quality standards.

Utilizing powerful LED technology, our cutting-edge surgical headlights & LED-powered solutions are tested & certified to meet strict medical standards.

Turn to BFW for high-quality medical LED surgical headlights, light sources, and integrated headlight/cameras to meet your OR needs. We’ve got you covered.

All BFW Surgical Headlights Provide Uniform Lighting

BFW’s portable and fiber-optic LED surgical headlamps provide uniform lighting and appropriate spot sizes to ensure that you see what you need to see to provide the best for your patients.
Providing clarity and consistency across the surgeon’s field of view, BFW surgical headlights are easy on the eyes
Surgical Headlamps
Find out why surgeons prefer the Pharos HD™ surgical camera system

All BFW Surgical Headlights are Designed for Ease of Maintenance

To reduce your hospital’s operating costs and streamline its processes, we’ve designed our surgical LED headlight systems to be easily cleaned and maintained.

The BFW headlight line is built using easy-to-clean materials, while some repairs – if necessary – can be done at your hospital site.

Featherweight Surgical LED & Fiber-Optic Headlights

Reduce fatigue with lightweight surgical head lights that are ergonomically designed for illumination and comfort.

BFW’s medical headlamps are made of long-lasting, lightweight materials that allow for ease of movement during operations.

A Complete Suite of LED Surgical Headlight Solutions

Portable LED Surgical Headlight Solutions

Benefit from BFW’s lightweight, portable LED medical headlight options with long-lasting battery life.

Our portable LED surgical headlights boast clear, bright-white illumination and can run for hours on a single battery charge.

Find The Ideal LED Surgical Headlight To Support Your OR Needs

At BFW, we understand that you face unique challenges in the OR. That’s why we’ve built a complete suite of LED surgical headlight solutions to address the needs of your operating environment.

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BFW’s family of surgical headlight solutions is designed to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of surgical practice.

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