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Aton Aton


High-Intensity Fiber Optic Headlight

BFW™’s fiber optic headlight with outstanding performance, fit and comfort.

AtoN™ is the latest in fiber optic headlight technology, offering a clean, crisp spot from its advanced low profile design. AtoN™ fits all BFW™ light sources and will fit any fiber optic light source with an ACMI port.

Its two-piece construction, allows AtoN™ to be cleaned both inside and out. It comes standard with our 10-foot Cobra Cable™ offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum coil positioned at the lower half of the cable where it is most likely to sustain damage from heavy use and is available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables.

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Capture The Perfect Image Without Sacrificing Lighting

Our headlights are engineered to handle the wear and tear of your medical practice and still provide years of maintenance-free performance.