UV Lighthouse with Stethoscope
UV Lighthouse Closed
UV Lighthouse Double Stacked
UV Lighthouse with Stethoscope UV Lighthouse Closed UV Lighthouse Double Stacked

BFW UV Lighthouse

Disinfect your headlights in just one minute with the UV Lighthouse

The UV Lighthouse is capable of disinfecting equipment like phones, tablets, stethoscopes, walkie talkies, even 13″ laptops, killing 99.99% of common hospital viruses and bacteria, without risk of damage.

Bacteria and pathogens cannot become resistant to UV-C light like they can to certain antibiotics and antibacterial products.

UV-C disinfection does not damage surfaces or equipment which makes it an ideal solution for items that are carried from room-to-room and patient-to-patient.

The UV Lighthouse Benefits

Discover the Power of Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) Light
UV-C safely kills harmful microorganisms by altering their DNA structure to the point of non-viability.
See What Surgeons Say About Us.

Clean Anywhere, Anytime

Perfect for equipment that is carried from room-to-room and patient-to-patient.

Over 50 Years of Cutting-Edge Surgical Lighting

See why there are more than 25,000 BFW headlight products in use worldwide.
50 Years

Providing cutting-edge surgical headlight systems

Up to 10 Hours

Class-leading battery life from our portable headlights


Surgical headlights in use around the world


Headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

The BFW UV Lighthouse ensures the elimination of "superbugs" like MRSA, C diff, and VRE which is vital to the safety of patients and staff alike.

Option to stack two lighthouses together.

The UV Lighthouse is currently only available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

*Kill rate based on third-party biological lab testing (BSL-2 certified facility). A 99.9% kill is achieved on most viruses and bacteria that were tested.
**Phillips brand bulbs are easily replaced and available from BFW. Bulb hours may vary based on frequency of use.

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