5 Best Practices for Resource Management in Healthcare

Best Practices for Resource Management in Healthcare

Resource management in healthcare can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of management staff. Your hospital must be open 7 days a week. You must have dozens (if not hundreds or even thousands) of employees on-hand, ranging from clinicians to vital support staff. You must also manage multiple complex patient needs and, above all, […]

How to Incorporate Lean Management in Healthcare

Originally applied in car manufacturing within the Toyota company, the lean principle hones in on the efficiency of resource use. At every step of the production process, the Lean Methodology asks ‘what value is being added for the customer?’ The Lean system follows five core principles: Uncovering value means truly understanding what customers need (which […]

What is Productive and Non-Productive Time in Healthcare?

Source Hospitals must have essential personnel on-hand seven days a week in order to properly manage routine and emergency patient needs. However, maintaining a deep pool of highly skilled human resources — i.e., physicians, nurses, and other clinician staff — is expensive. In fact, payroll usually constitutes 50% of a hospital’s budget. 8 best floor […]

5 Ways to Improve Operating Room Efficiency & Management

When it comes to improving hospital productivity, operating rooms are of top priority. Consider the fact that surgeons are often some of your best-paid specialists and that a single surgical procedure can pull dozens of hours from physicians, assistants, and nurses. And that’s just the workload. Surgeries ultimately account for 48% of all hospital revenue. […]