Headlights For Spinal Surgeons

Maximize Visibility. Minimize Fatigue.

Powerful, Portable, Perfect - Headlights for Spinal Surgeons

Get the clearest view into the smallest incisions with BFW’s cutting-edge headlights.

Whether for minimally invasive spinal surgeries or for larger surgical sites, BFW headlights provide bright, clear, even illumination of the procedure.

Spinal surgeries require the utmost concentration and precision. Our headlights are coaxially aligned so the illumination follows your line of sight – no adjustments required.

Neck strain is a major contributor to physician burnout. It is the reason why we design our headlights to be lightweight, ergonomic, and adjustable.

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Explore our most popular headlight options for spinal surgeons
Discover why there are 25,000+ BFW headlight solutions in use around the world today.


Portable LED surgical headlight with adjustable spot



High-intensity fiber optic headlight powered by HATTERAS™


Pharos HD™

Fiber optic headlight & HD camera system powered by HATTERAS™



Medium-intensity portable LED surgical headlight

BFW's Headlights for Spinal Surgeons - See the Benefits

Minimize Fatigue With a Lightweight Design

Discover laser-like focus with powerful, lightweight headlights that don’t sacrifice comfort or intensity.

Our headlights are designed to be worn comfortably during longer surgeries. Take advantage of features such as:

Spinal Surgeons Headlights
headlight options for spinal surgeons

Not Just the Brightest - the Best Lighting

Unlike other surgical headlights, BFW’s headlights for spinal surgeons don’t compromise quality illumination for peak brightness claims.

Eliminate shadows with a clear view of your subject whether you prefer portable or tethered headlights.

Lighting the Way for Over 50 Years

BFW is the go-to provider of innovative surgical headlights and headlight camera systems that help you operate better.

BFW headlights in use worldwide


Surgical headlights engineered and assembled in the U.S.A

Up to 240,000 LUX

Some of the brightest LED portable and tethered headlights

50 Years

Providing cutting-edge surgical headlight systems

Power, Comfort. Find Your Headlight

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Battery Life That Keeps Up With You

Spinal procedures can be long and you need a headlight that can keep up. Our LED surgical headlights are designed to last hours even at peak brightness.

Minimize interruptions with a portable headlight with long battery life or tethered options.

Headlights For Spinal Surgeons

Reduce Fatigue With BFW Headlights for Spinal Surgeons

Surgical headlights are designed to meet the demands of your practice.

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BFW’s family of surgical headlight solutions is designed to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of surgical practice.

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