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A Complete Ecosystem of Battery Operated Portable Medical Headlights
Through high-performing and lightweight ergonomic designs, BFW™ delivers a complete ecosystem of portable medical headlights and accessories to physicians seeking versatility and comfort in any medical scenario.
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Our Battery Operated Headlights Are Built To Last

BFW’s™ cordless surgical headlight devices are designed, built, tested and certified to stringent AAMI/ANSI, IEC and CSA standards.

Why You Should Consider BFW’s™ Portable Headlight Medical Devices


Be it a day on the field or a vital operation with limited-to-no-access to reliable electricity, BFW’s™ battery operated headlights are designed to ensure that you have your lighting needs met in any medical environment.

BFW’s ™ portable medical LED headlights are lightweight and provide enduring battery-life.

At 30,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm), the Dover™ can function for 10 hours and Bristol-Plus™ at 40,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm) for 10 hours.Operating at the lowest intensity setting, BFW’s portable LED headlights will provide a full day of illumination. When put at the highest setting, the headlights will operate at 30,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm) for 10 hours. At the highest setting, the Dover and Bristol-Plus will run for 10-hours; the Daymark will run for up to 6-hours on one charge.

Using battery operated headlights doesn’t have to mean coping with subpar lighting.

BFW’s™ portable headlights offer a uniform field-of-light and the spot-sizes physicians prefer for their work. We minimize glare and enable you to clearly view the area-of-interest so that you can effectively treat your patients.

You can also adjust the light-intensity of our devices in order to conserve battery life – our devices can last for up to 28 hours on a single charge.

[28 hours at 8,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm)] to [6 hours at 60,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm)]*

*Light-Intensity and Battery Life Varies with BFW™ Headlight Model

We keep the entire hospital’s best interests in mind. In addition to providing the comfort and illumination that allows your surgeons to focus and excel at their work, our LED surgical headlights are also easy to maintain.

The BFW™ product line is made of easy to clean materials, and many repairs, if needed, can be handled in-house.

This reduces both the cost of maintenance as well down-time for the products. Your equipment stays in the field and operational.

We incorporated specific features to our battery operated headlights to ensure that your headlight management duties are simple and streamlined.

Our portable headlight systems come with carrying cases to ensure that they’re secure and safe from damage when moved, especially in out-of-hospital/field environments.

BFW’s™ portable headlights can be color-coded, enabling you to assign specific headlights to your physicians and surgeons without confusion or mix-ups. They may also be personalized or labeled per department or physician.

BFW’s™ portable medical headlights provide high-intensity LED lighting without the weight and bulk typically seen in competing battery operated headlights.

Unlike the competition, our designs don’t need loud fans for cooling or large batteries for long usage.

BFW’s™ portable headlights have been engineered to provide the necessary illumination and comfort physicians require to treat their patients, especially in difficult conditions (such as limited electricity).

BFW’s™ lightweight Fiji™ and Key West™ headbands have been designed with full occipital support to provide unmatched comfort to physicians using our battery operated headlights.

Combined with any of BFW’s™ portable headlights, the Fiji™ and Key West™ are complete ecosystem solutions. Besides improving conditions for physicians, the Fiji™ and Key West are easy to properly clean.

For example, the pads can be replaced at any time, thereby providing a completely refreshed pad within moments. This saves time for your nurses and biomed team

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